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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. nearly a dozen chickens beaten to death and it's a tossup over what is more disturbing. who found them or who police suspect killed them in the first place. >> he was a kid's coach with experience from the pros. now one bay area dad who technically didn't break the law has been told he's not welcome. >> how she says the truth was exposed. how arnold schwarzenegger's mistress says maria shriver found out about their child. and being fit helps some, but being fat helps others. the real winner in the battle of the bulge. good everyoning, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. it was a grizzly find for teenagers who are learning how to tend to chickens and develop business skills with that. what may be more disturbing who s who is accused of committing this crime. sharon chin has the rest of
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this story. >> reporter: teens who care for 18 chickens made a gruesome discovery on sunday. only six remained alive and one missing after someone broke into the coup in this community garden, grabbed a shovel and killed 11 chickens. >> who would kill chickens? >> garden is run by the alameda point collaborative which serves homeless families in which was once the alameda air station. the shocking news is rippling through the community. >> i wanted to cry, but i was holding back the tears because i used to go out every morning and feed the chickens and play with them. >> a group of teenagers cared for the chickens and sell their eggs. the chickens were at a crucial stage of maturity. >> the chickens were just reaching to the point where they were going to lay eggs.
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the kids have been using that money to do social activities, like going on a camping trip. >> police arrest add 12-year- old boy from oakland this morning. apparently he was staying with a friend in the area when an officer spotted him. >> he was blaming other juveniles and of course we are looking into that as well. but the juvenile was a witness hurting the chickens with sticks and shovels. >> the suspect was charged with cruelty to animals and released to his parents. officers are looking for a second suspect. a friend of first. doug bigs of the collaborative says he would like the offenders to learn the responsibility of growing chickens. >> child has issues. i would like to see those issues addressed. you know, i'm not -- >> for now he is thankful for the school's donation of ten chicks last friday since the youth program will need to
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raise new chickens to replace the ones that were killed. and the alameda police officer's association also taking up a collection to buy some of these older chickens that can lay eggs and that way the teenagers can raise money. the issue of same sex marriage was in court again today ending with a victory for opponents of prop 8. a federal judge upheld a gay judge's ruling to strike down california same sex marriage ban. james wear says former chief judge, con walker did not have to disclose whether he wanted to marry his partner before he made his decision on prop 8. lawyers for the ban argued that walker should have recuesed himself because he stood to personally benefit from the verdict. it may have won its way into the polls, but proposed ban on circumcigs in san francisco does not look like it
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has a chance to be approved by voters. 76% would vote against the ban. 17% said that they would vote for it. >> muni bus drivers must work under a contract which they rejected last week. drivers and muni management were not able to reach an agreement under voter prop g. an arbitrator determined the contract. in the new contract, an accident review board no longer exists and the limits placed on muni management when they discipline an operator have been eliminated. >> even something as simple as a slip and fall, you could be put on the bench at which point they can prolong it, delay it, and do whatever they want to do with it. >> both sides knew going into these discussions that if an agreement couldn't be reached, it would be up to an arbitrator. >> the changes will save $38
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million over the next three years. it has not determined its next steps. some unhappy drivers have hinted at job actions like work slowdowns or sick calls, but the new contract prohibits any strike. >> a poorly executed effort to fight violence in oakland landed a team in handcuffs. about five students from the united force success academy appeared to be armed with guns at union point park on saturday. most of the guns were fake, but a 14-year-old had a real .22 caliber rifle he bought on the street. >> when the police responded to the initial reports from passers by who called it in, they didn't know what they were facing, so that of course is the initial concern that there could have been some sort of confrontation that would have escalated into something more dangerous than what occurred. >> it turns out students were just making a video to highlight problems with violence. officers arrested the one teen
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on illegal gun charges and sited two school workers supervising those students. a bay area dad is no longer welcome to coach his own son's baseball team. and it all ties to the barry bonds trial. the well known coach may be in hostile territory, but robert lyles explains, he's not out of the game. >> greg anderson is no stranger to headlines. you know him for spending a year behind bars or refusing to testify against friend barry bonds. bond's forme trainer, now a youth baseball coach is still questioned. things that brought the major league baseball scandal to little league. >> the boys love him. i love to watch when the boys react to what he says. >> "new york times" article quoted other angry parents, questioning why anderson is coaching boys after pleading
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guilty. anderson was reportedly banned as third base coach, banned from the dugout. anderson's attorney angrily told us by phone, this is a nonstory, it's way more complicated. the person you should be calling is mike. so we did. >> was greg anderson in fact -- >> you have to ovens that greg is not an official coach. >> the league says anderson never went through their betting process, which includes an online criminal background check. he was only a volunteer. the league says anderson can continue to coach, but only if a registered coach is on the field. but consider this. parents who refuse on camera interviews, anderson coached their sons for five years alongside the registered coaches with no objections. they do believe he is banned. >> we had a coach that brought
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it to our attention and questioned if he could be a coach with his become ground. >> still the league denies anderson is band, but did admit to cbs 5 they will soon vote to make background checks stricter for coaches. >> it seems a little knee jerk and seems like he has been singled out. we are changing the rules. >> we didn't change anything yet and it's going to be a democratic process. >> robert lyles, cbs 5. first lady michelle obama told some bay area crowds today that her husband needs their support to win a second term. she attended several fund raising events, including a home of tech billionaire, mark be initiation of. that cost diners nearly $36,000 per person. meanwhile the president made a rare trip himself today. >> oh, it is good to be back in puerto rico. >> he is the first sitting president to visit the island
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since jfk did back in 1961. puerto rico can't vote in general elections, but mr. obama is hoping the trip will win support from the puerto ricons that live in the neighborhood. >> we now know how maria shriver found out about the love child. she asked the mistress point- blank. she broke her silence, saying it became more apparent that arnold was the father and maria heard the whispers about their physical similarities. after she confessed, maria cried with her and told her to get off her knees. then they held each other and told maria it wasn't arnold's fault, that it takes two. diana worked for the schwarzenegger family for twenty years. the couple anownsd the split in may and in an interview with hello magazine, her son only
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found out a year ago who his father is and when she told him, he said cool. >> the former governor's affair wasn't made must be lick until he left office, scandals seem to erupt during the height of their careers. and some like congressman anthony weiner, just all quit. later, why stoss hard to get a bad congressman to step down. >> the 5th may make more for women. new weight to the term fast cast and what that means in the work plies. >> and all those big, bold claims don't mean a whole lot. what you'll soon be seeing on bottles of sunscreen. >> we will have a repeat performance for your wednesday. then the day the cool gins as eyewitness news continues.
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anthem blue cross is backing off plans to charge customers who pay with plastic. the insurance company had planned to impose a $15 convenience fee on credit card payments. and that drew complaints from customers. and the state attorney general is investigating whether the fee is even legal. today anthem said it won't charge the fee while the company considers how to handle credit card payments in the future. well the next time you're negotiating your salary, you might want to make a change to your diet first. it could be more money for some employees. elizabeth cook has the skinny
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on fatter paychecks. >> it's not a number most of us want to talk about. our weight. it seems we are either trying to lose it or gain it. but now a new study shows it doesn't just affect how we look, pounds can impact our paycheck. >> all the way in. all the way out. >> folks with boot camp sf stay fit and trim for more than just the health benefit. >> you only have one chance to make a first impression. >> the journal of applied sky cooling said skinny women take home more money than their overweight couldn't parts. men made more money if they were overweight. the study shows skinny women took home an additional $15,572 a year and skinny men took home $8,437 less. >> what do you think about this study that overweight men actually make more money than a skinnier guy, do you think that's true? >> well, i think they probably
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spend more time at work and less time working out. so that would help their career a bit. >> everybody is feeling pressure to change their body and feeling intense reward or punishment based on that. >> maryland calls herself a fat activist. she says this study highlights the fact that there is weight dediscrimination happening in the workplace. >> what we're seeing is valuing women for appearance and men for accomplishment. >> if you lost 25-pounds, you might make more money, would you do it? >> i work in education. >> if you wanted a raise at work, would you gain 25-pounds? >> probably easier than losing 25-pounds. >> researchers started the study back in 1979 and looked at over 12,000 participates in the cross section of the american workplace. >> easier to gain more and be more fun.
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>> absolutely. bring on the big macs. >> how are those abs? >> sore. i haven't done so many situps in more life. new rules for sunscreen. now on, in order to be labeled as a sunscreen that protects qens, va and uvb rays, sunscreens will have to pay tests for both. sub screens did k be water resistant if nay can prove it and finally, the maximum of spf is 50 plus. >> i think it's a great idea. skin cancers, especially malignant melanomas are on the rise. the new regulation do not aploy to sunscreen sprays.
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well going to need some sunscreen certainly because outside. >> did you sew we are ready for ice cream? >> that too. >> take a look at the clarity. we can pick up the full moon. yes. just a little hint of some patchy fog, but that's about it. for your morning commute, we will be patrol beast where we'll be patching up. in the 60s out the door. for your midweek forecast, bright sunshine everywhere. temperatures go back up before the clouds push on shore towards the tail end of the evening commute. les get right to your temperatures. for your wednesday, mid 6 0áz coast. 7 toes to near 80 degrees. topping out off in the low temperatures. it's not just a degree shy. as the trot to the north of us
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brings in high pressure. one more day, or a carbon copy. very mild, into the 50s with the clear skies. the tree count is the olive and juniper on the medium side. grasses are medium as well. let's get to your extended forecast. that will be on thursday. 11 degrees cooler in our inland areas due to the return of low clouds and fog at the seashore. additional cooling takes place friday. and then for dad's day, my gift to ken is slightly warmer temperatures. you might want do this. >> too much exercise is involved. >> take a chopper up there, old man. >> thanks roberta. another day, another group of politicians saying congressman anthony weiner should resire. so far, he is refusing and
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while there may be an effort to force him out, nancy says it will not be easy or quick. >> i can tell you that if it was me, i would resign. >> the president made the comment in an interview with nbc news, but stopped short of calling on weiner to step down. as congressman weiner gets help at an undisclosed treatment center, his request was read allow on the house floor and officially approved by members. >> mr. weiner, for a period of two weeks. >> without objection, requests are granted. >> after work with a one week break after he was told he should resign. >> a hilt-and-run accident for she ran and lied about it. >> house majority leader said democratic leader should consider taking away weaner's
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commit tee assignment. but there are still many members who say the decision should be left to the congress member himself. > when i give one person in my district a job, when i give one person size to keep them in their homes, i will not buy -- >> you don't think it's affecting your job? you don't think it's a distraction? >> i'm not going to let it be a distraction. >> well they may come off as a fashion statement at furs glance, but they serve a purpose. ken chews out athletic gear in tonight's good question.
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tomorrow an east bay company hits the new york stock exchange in one of the hottest ipo's of the year. shares of pandora media will be up and trading for the first time. the radio service sold its initial public offering today at $16 per share. that's twice what was expected
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two weeks ago. it is valued at $2.6 billion. but has yet to turn a profit. you may think they look pretty cool, maybe they do, there's more to it than that. marlene wants to know. what are those elastic bands that athletes wear on their arms and legs? that's tonight's good question. >> you see them on the arms of some of college football's top players. but what are they? >> these are pretty standard straps that most athletes are using for tendon problems. >> dr. anthony luke treats a lot of college and pro athletes at the orthopedic institute. says these compression bands have been around for a while to relieve tendon pain. >> one that you see here is the brace that is one of the
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first companies to make one. it's a band that goes around this large tendon and this is for a condition called jumper's knee and gets some tension on there. >> dr. luke says these compression devices all basically work the same way. >> changes maybe the angle of the tendons and how those forces get applied to it so just by putting it on, someone will feel a little bit of difference. >> he says it can be a pain management alternative to taking alternatives. >> some of the prominent ones get injuries, it became stylish. i think you see a lot more guys wearing it. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. the giants ban together despite blowing a five-run league. that's next.
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fee court is now in session.
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♪ that airline charged me a 150-dollar change fee. southwest would never do that. your honor, chump change. that is not right. i don't understand how three clicks of a mouse can cost me 150 dollars. sir. it's personnel on the telephone. [ laughing ] it's computer time... it's personnel on the, on the, on the desks. we can't afford to do this for free, your honor. jury? guilty. [ cheering ]
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[ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. i'm not sure you guys heard about this, but there was officials from the zoo who caked us and said there's a panda on the loose. a panda has been spotted. >> he is on the loose and back after nearly six weeks of being out. giants can use him with freddy sanchez and of course buster posey being out. he returned to the lineup. start the clock. >> having pablo back the way he was swinging before he got hurt. that will keep us going. >> how about this for help? on his first at bat, he singles.
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andres torres scores. nate smashes a double into the gap. aubrey huff scores all the way from first and that proves to be an important insurance run as the giants go on to win 6-5. new a's manager making his home debut against the royals. billy butler rips a double and the royals take a 4-1 lead. right now it is 7-4. cahill walked 7 in the left. cold cup soccer in kansas city in the 9th minute. jose out the door rifles a shot from 25 yards out. that would be the only goal of the game. u.s. wins one in advance as it will face jamaica in the quart finals and dennis is in hot pursuit of the carbs. he is trying to catch it with a hot dog. >> you have to update people. certainly can't recatch it with
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a fishing pole. that is too difficult. >> that would require a challenge. >> see you at 11:00.
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.

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